Bolsover Castle Walls

Caslte Walls by steve-p

Caslte Walls by steve-p

In 1086 the manor of Bolsover was granted to William Peverel by William the Conqueror and by the twelfth century there was a castle at Bolsover.  It is thought that the Medieval outer curtain walls were situated where the current garden wall now stands.

Over the centuries the castle at Bolsover was involved in many disputes, and changed hands from the Crown to Barons and back again. It was laid siege for nearly a year in 1216 -1217 and eventually fell into the hands of the Ferrar family.  The repairs to one of the towers in the curtain wall show in the accounts for the year 1223.

What is now the inner garden wall was rebuilt on the foundations of the medieval wall in the 17th Century to create the picturesque fountain garden.  It is thought that the large rooms within the thickness of the wall may be at the locations of the towers on the medieval walls.

You can now take a walk along the top of the walls of Bolsover Castle and enjoy views over the surrounding countryside.

The outer courtyard is mainly surrounded by the Terrace Range and the Riding House Range.  This area was not created as a defensible “castle” and so doesn’t have even the illusion of being an outer curtain wall.